Coaching Staff

We are an all-volunteer club and encourage family involvement with our players. Most of our coaches/managers are parents of a player or past players.

All coaches have grown up around the game of soccer, playing at different levels as youth players through simi-professional players. We encourage formal training and licensing but not all coaches are able to. Over the years we have fielded teams of all levels with much success.

Several years ago, while our 13U Boys team was playing in the finals of the Regional Presidents Cup in Saint Louis, MO against a strong Chicago Team, I asked one of the parents how much they had paid for their season. We lost that game in the final minutes (1–0). Their cost was more than each player from Goshen paid for their entire 7U – 14U career.

Our model attempts to make travel soccer affordable for as many as enjoy the game.

Ronal Garcia7U/8U
Israel Diaz7U/8U
Alex Cruz9U-12U
Millard Graber7U-10U
Bianey Garcia9U/10U
Aaron Gerber9U/10U
Luis Sixtos9U/10U
Wendy Sixtos9U/10U
Saul Herrera Torres10U-12U
Nathan Shenk11U
Jorge Hernandez Tukuch11U
Orland Alvarez-Hernandez12U
Kellie O’Connell12U
Omar Espinosa Sanchez12U/15U
Juan Fernandez12U
Joe Zambrano Sanchez12U
Brandon Torres13U
Edgar Ivan Gonzalez Cruz13U
Roberto Venegas15U
Armando Gomez Mora15U
Justo Pedroza15U
Nathan Clark15U
Stephanie Charles15U
Leididy Gomez15U
Heriberto Moreno15U
Tavisak Mounsithiraj7U-10U Girls