Frequently Asked Questions

Goshen Stars Soccer Club, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization.

It is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and supported by all the volunteer Coaches, Managers, Families and Caretakers of the Facility.

All player/members in essence are the owners of the Organization while they participate in the Goshen Stars programs.

Goshen Stars owns 36 acres that are being developed into soccer fields.

Mr. Miller is actually Millard Graber, President of the Board and Director of the Goshen Stars programs.

He will answer to most anything he is called: Mr. Miller, Mr. Graber, Coach, etc.

Players of different ages have differing Physical Development and Endurance.

7U/8U start out on the smallest field (60’ x 100’). They play in a 4v4 format with a size 3 ball to fit the size of their feet. The field size and the number of players helps to increase the number of touches on the ball during practice and games. There are no goalies.

9U/10U go to the next size field (135’ x 170’). They play in a 7v7 format with a size 4 ball. The field size and the number of players helps to increase the number of touches on the ball during practice and games. Goalies are introduced.

11U/12U go to the next size field (150’ x 225’). They play in a 9v9 format with a size 4 ball.

13U-19U go to the full-size field (210’ x 360’). They play in a 11v11 format with a size 5 ball. This is the final size field that is played on in Middle School through Professional games. The field sizes can vary slightly from facility to facility.

Always Say Prayer

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